Withdraw your car loan agreement or leasing contract

Withdraw your car loan agreement or leasing now and get back every instalment you have paid to date!

Withdraw your car loan agreement or leasing now and get back every instalment you have paid to date! (minus commission on success)

A large number of car loan agreements and leasing contracts have a variety of formal flaws. Take advantage of the European Court of Justice ruling (C-66/19) of March 2020 and get now your paid instalments and deposit back!

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A consumer-friendly ruling by the European Court of Justice in March 2020 means that almost all consumer credit can be cancelled.
According to the judgement, the current cancellation policies are ineffective because they are too complicated and must specify clearly and concisely how the withdrawal period is to be calculated. As a result, contracts can simply be cancelled and the bank cannot defend itself against it.
If the revocation is successful, the contract will be rescinded. You return your car and receive all instalments and deposits back. You will not pay any compensation for kilometres driven. The amount of the refund depends on the details of your contract.

Does that work for me too?

Was your contract signed after 10 July 2010? Then things are looking good. According to expert estimates, up to 20 million contracts could be affected – meaning there’s a good chance yours could be 1 of them!
If the bank claims that the contract cannot be revoked, we will go to court, risk-free for you! If we do not win, we alone bear the costs. We will represent you!

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Simply and securely upload your contract documents or e-mail us: info@autokredithelp24.de


Your contract will be checked free of charge for errors in the cancellation policy. We will take care of the rest!


Autokredithelp24.de represents you in negotiations with the bank and in a possible legal dispute.


Refund of the advance payment and credit instalments received (less commission for the success of 25% incl. VAT )


What is Autokredithelp24 & How can you cancel your car finance agreement?

Many car loan agreements are filled with faulty clauses and clerical errors that can mean that you can get your loan payments back in full when you cancel the contract. Once you have decided that you longer want the car you are currently paying off, Autokredithelp24 is a service that helps you recover any instalments and deposits paid on your loan to date. By doing so, we take care of all annoying contacts with your bank and, if necessary, take legal action for you in court. You have no risk – if we are unsuccessful, you do not have to pay anything and your credit agreement remains in place.

Autokredithelp24.de is a service provided by AirHelp, the largest* legal tech portal for compensation for flight irregularities. * based on the amount of refunds obtained for customers.

Which car credit agreements can be withdrawn?

If the cancellation policy or instruction concerning the right of withdrawal is incomplete, contains errors, or is completely missing, all car credit agreements concluded after 11.06.2010 can be effectively cancelled and withdrawn.

What do I gain from withdrawing my car credit agreement?

In the event of revocation, the contract will be terminated. This means that you get back any instalments already paid and simply return the car to the car dealership or bank. As a rule, you will not have to pay any compensation for having driven the car since the beginning of the contract.

What does Autokredithelp24 cost me?

Checking your eligibility and finding out what you could be owed is absolutely free.

Once you decide to file a claim with us there are zero financial risks for you. We operate on a no win, no fee basis — meaning, we take care of all the paperwork and negotiations while you sit back, and you won’t pay a cent until we win your case. Once we are successful, you will be paid out all your deposit and instalments minus a service fee of 25% (incl. VAT).

What is the advantage of Autokredithelp24 compared to a lawyer?

With Autorkedithelp24 you do not bear any risk! If we lose a court case against all odds, we will bear the costs for you. Otherwise, if you hire a lawyer, you bear the cost risk. If you lose the case, you do not only pay for your lawyer, but also for the Bank’s lawyer. We will assume all of these costs, if you instruct us!

Are there any risks?

No – not with our no win, no fee promise. We will handle all the paperwork and negotiations and only take our service fee after we win your case.

What happens if the bank does not accept the withdrawal?

In many cases, the Bank will argue that the credit agreement is not subject to withdrawal and that the judgment of the European Court of Justice is not applicable. If this happens, we go directly to court and argue your case there. Remember, this is also covered by our no win, no fee promise.

How long does it take before I get my instalments back?

If the bank accepts the withdrawal, it takes just a few weeks for the credit agreement to be processed back – and you will get your money back. Otherwise, we would involve our contract lawyers and, if necessary, go to court for you – this typically takes between 6 and 12 months.

I have financed a used car or I have a leasing, is this also possible?

Yes, even in the case of used car financing, the instalments must be refunded if the cancellation policy is incomplete.


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We will check free of charge and without any obligation the potential that the car credit withdrawal has for you. We will be happy to help you by enforcing your rights as a consumer!